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100% American-made

100% American-Made: It’s Not Just a Slogan

by Joy Hong

At Red Brand, we’re proud of all the ways that ‘American-Made’ is meaningful. The obvious list might include factors like providing jobs for hard-working Americans, impacting local economies, and demonstrating our patriotism. But, it’s also about creating a product for our customers that is consistent and reliable every time. That’s what we’ve built our reputation on for over 125 years, and why we are still considered the best in ag fencing today.

We know what’s in our products and we have the steel to prove it.

100% manufactured in Peoria, Illinois, our Red Brand ag fence is not just assembled here. Every step – from melting scrap metal to finishing each roll – happens at one facility. This allows our skillful team to carefully monitor the steel making process at all times. This is important because eliminating impurities and maintaining specific alloy formulas in the steel are essential for top performance.

The wire we use is precisely formulated just for Red Brand. As a result, every vertical and horizontal wire reacts the same to pressure and harsh weather conditions. This means that the entire structure will stretch properly at install and move consistently with temperature changes. In contrast, if the chemistry isn’t perfect, inclusions can cause inconsistent tensile strength. A fence assembled with uncertain steel origins or chemistry will likely result in a fence that sags, breaks, or fails prematurely.

What our team has to say about American-Made

We asked a few of our dedicated employees what they think of our American-Made products. You can watch the team’s full responses here. In a nutshell, this is what they had to say:

American-Made Videos

Tim Marit

Machine Operator in Peoria and a member of the Red Brand family since 1999, Tim says, “Made in America is important because it’s important to keep jobs in America. Farmers and livestock breeders trust Red Brand because we’ve been here for over 100 years. They know that if there is some sort of a problem, they can get it taken care of.”

Rick Fornoff

A Machine Operator since 1987, Rick also believes in the power of American-made products. He’s a third generation Red Brand team member, following his grandmother and father who also worked for us. He says, “I’ve been making Red Brand fence for 26 years. We are 100 percent American-made, starting with the melted scrap to the finished product. I’ve seen other company’s products, and (ours) seems to be much better.”

Casey Richardson

Since 2002, Casey has been working as a First Helper in the Melt Division of Red Brand. He says, “People trust Red Brand because they know it’s the best. We’re like one big family, we’re close-knit and we make good steel. The quality – there’s no comparison.”

Brad Johanson

Brad is a Red Brand veteran. Retiring last year, he had been part of our family since 1978, most recently working as a First Helper and Furnace Operator at our Peoria steel mill. “I think American steel is globally the best,” says Brad. “There are Red Brand fences still standing today that I used to climb over as a kid.”

Terry Postin

Another veteran from 1978, Terry works as a First Caster at the Steel Mill in Peoria. He believes that American-made is important for the economy. “If we invest in America, I keep working. It’s good for our economy, it’s good for everybody,” he says. He also believes that American-made steel lasts longer. “I see Red Brand tags that I put on fence when I started here 30 years ago!”

Superior Workmanship, Superior Products, Ongoing Commitment

Red Brand started in America, and our commitment to creating 100 percent American-Made fencing stands firm. Our people take great pride in their work, and the result is a superior fencing product that is the most trusted name in ag fencing. Learn more about what makes our American-Made steel the best in the industry, or browse our available products to find the fencing that’s right for you at our website.

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