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Use Fencing To Keep Deer Out

by Judy Knowler

Most fences are built to keep animals in. Horse and cattle pastures, sheep & goat enclosures, dog kennels, chicken coops, and many others primarily function as containment. Red Brand has a fence design for nearly every animal you want to safely corral. But Red Brand also has exclosures – styles that keep unwanted animals like deer out.

Deer Love To Eat

One of the most common and destructive culprits that property owners must deal with is wild deer. As they continue to lose their natural habitats and food sources, it seems that they’ve become less fearful of our presence and more acclimated to domesticated surroundings.

The average deer can eat seven pounds of vegetation in a single day. Regardless of what you are growing, their cravings for your plants could seriously impact your investment. Boundaries and barriers seem to simply be a nuisance for these hungry animals. They’ll stop at almost nothing to reach a succulent apple tree or juicy strawberry patch. From small vegetable gardens, to sprawling orchards, to expensive landscaping, deer are a major concern for farmers and property owners.

Fencing – The Gold Standard For Protecting Plants

Because Red Brand wants to help you protect your valuable property, we manufacture two styles of deer-related fencing. Deer & Wildlife Fence and Deer & Orchard Fence each have unique features that make them ideal deterrents.

Deer & Wildlife Fence reaches 8 feet high, providing maximum stopping power. Each wire is firmly affixed with Red Brand’s Cross Lock Knot. This knot provides superior resistance from penetrating antlers and heavy animal pressure. Even though it’s knots grip the line wires tightly, the fence remains flexible enough to install on all types of terrain. Because of its rigidity, the Cross Lock Knot is especially suited for areas with heavy snowfall. Deer & Wildlife Fence is made with 12-1/2 gauge high tensile wire. Galvanized with Class 3 coating, it’s unmatched for strength and life expectancy.

Deer & Orchard Fence uses the Monarch® Knot. This knot style functions like a hinge. It gives a little under pressure then snaps back into shape. Our most popular style by far, Monarch Knot fence is easy to install because the hinge gives the mesh flexibility. The fence always retains its full height for continuing protection and good looks. Deer & Orchard Fence deters deer from jumping over the barrier, protecting valuable property inside the enclosure. Available in heights from 4 feet to 6 feet, this fence is made using sturdy 11-gauge wire on the top and bottom wires. The filler wire is 14-1/2 gauge for a strong, reliable mesh. Furthermore, it is galvanized with a durable Class 1 zinc coating that is suitable for most farm and property applications.

Deer Fence Illustrations

Graduated Spacing Keeps Small Animals Out

Red Brand’s Deer Fences are designed to keep animals, both large and small, away from your valuable fields. Like their larger counterparts, rabbits, raccoons and other small critters will happily eat anything that is within their reach. Cabbage, carrots, and low hanging fruit bushes are all easy targets. To keep these small pests out, the horizontal wires of Red Brand’s Deer Fence are spaced closely together at the base. Moving up the fence, the horizontal spacing gradually becomes wider and wider. Small animals cannot reach nearly the same height, so a steady increase in wire spacing prevents intrusion without wasting valuable material.

Fencing Is The Best Option

Many methods of preventing wild animals from damaging crops and property have been used. However, fencing has proven to be the most practical long-term solution. When it comes to keeping deer and small animals out, consult your local Red Brand dealer for options. You can also find product information at our website along with installation tips and techniques.

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