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How to Remove Fence Knots

by Judy Knowler

A woven wire fence is a favorite around many farms for its strength and durability. You’ll find it around gardens, pools, and pastures of all sizes. Woven wire is typically sold in mesh rolls, giving farmers some flexibility in how far apart to space fence posts as well as how large (or small) to make an enclosure. In order to work with woven wire fencing, you’ll need to know how to remove fence knots. These are the intersections of vertical and horizontal wires that are affixed using a monarch knot or square deal knot. Here, we’ll briefly explain both methods so that you can get the flexibility that you need to work with this fencing.

When Do You Remove Fence Knots?

When working with woven wire fences, the knots are typically intentional to create a strong fence. However, if you need to wrap a fence post or splice two pieces of fence together, the knots can get in the way. The good news is that it’s simple to remove fence knots, leaving you with lengths of smooth wire fence for wrapping and splicing.

First, you’ll need to be able to identify the type of fence knot you’re working with. A monarch knot looks like a coiled wire. It’s created by wrapping the vertical wire around the horizontal wire. A square deal knot looks much more like a true knot, featuring an extra small piece of wire wrapped tightly around both the horizontal and vertical wires. Next, we’ll take a look at how to remove each type of knot.

How to Remove a Monarch Knot

A monarch knot is one of two types of fence knots commonly found in woven wire fencing. This style of knot is sometimes also called a “hinge knot.” A monarch knot has a vertical wire that wraps around a horizontal wire a number of times to create a coiled look.

This type of knot is designed to bend but not break, giving farmers the durability that they need most in a fence. It holds up to a fair amount of leaning, pushing, and playfulness. To remove a monarch knot, you’ll need a pair of wire cutters and a sturdy pair of work gloves. Then, simply cut the vertical wire above and below the knot, leaving two short lengths of wire coming out of the knot. Then, pull the two short wires together to remove the knot.

How to Remove a Square Deal Knot

A square deal knot–or just “S knot” for short is another common type of fence knot found in woven wire fencing. The S knot provides a little extra durability for farmers that need a rigid fence line. These knots can help prevent sagging in longer fence lines as well as create a smooth surface that limits animal injuries.

For horse owners, this can be an important factor in building a fence because these animals often spook easily and are prone to fence-related injuries. Plus, as a show animal or companion animal, owners are often more concerned about preventing blemishes like the scrapes and scars that might come from contact with a sharp edge on a fence.

A square deal knot uses an extra piece of wire that wraps around each intersection, hugging both the horizontal and vertical wires. To remove these fence knots, you’ll need a pair of lineman’s pliers, wire cutters, and work gloves. Begin by loosening the S knot with the lineman pliers by grabbing the ends of the “hug” piece and bending away from the knot. Then, cut the vertical wire just above and below the intersection. Then, slide the knot off the wire.

Takeaway Tips for Removing Fence Knots

Fence knots add stability and durability to your enclosure. Whether you are trying to keep animals in or predators out, these knots play a big role in accomplishing that goal. Still, the benefit of working with woven wire fencing is that it provides flexibility. Rolls of mesh fencing can be configured to fit nearly any need with a few small adjustments like removing fence knots to wrap posts or splice pieces together.

Removing fence knots is fairly easy; it only requires a few common tools and the ability to identify different types of fence knots. Monarch knots and square deal knots are the two most common types of fence knots; both can be easily removed in a few seconds with wire cutters and a pair of pliers. Red Brand is a leading provider of premium field fencing products for more than 130 years. Shop our fencing options today.

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