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Keep Your Dogs Safe With Wire Fencing

by Judy Knowler

Why Do We Love Our Dogs So?

The relationship with our canine friends is unique and complex. It seems the more we express affection and demonstrate care, the greater the bond. Domesticated dogs have come to rely on their human families for food, socialization and protection. When we provide these essential elements, our reward is unconditional love and loyal companionship.

The safety of our best friend is a priority. Keeping threats out should be as important as keeping a dog safe while inside an enclosure. Reports of attacks by coyotes and other predators are on the rise. This likely isn’t a surprise to those who live in rural areas. However, as human populations push into the natural habitats of these wild animals, especially in more suburban places, reports of attacks are dramatically increasing. Coyotes are curious and opportunistic. When they sense an easy meal – whether food, trash or even a small critter – in your backyard, they won’t hesitate to take advantage of the convenient feast.

Safe Fencing for Dogs

There are many options for protecting your dog outside your home, but woven wire fencing has proven to be one of the most effective. The physical barrier provides a visual deterrent as well as a secure defense against unwanted visitors. Alternatives to wire fencing include several materials, but none compare to the safety and security of woven mesh. Here are some examples of alternatives and why woven wire fencing is preferred:

  • wooden fence – breakage could lead to dangerous openings, ongoing upkeep is costly and time-consuming
  • chain link – unattractive, broken wires unravel
  • invisible fence – won’t keep predators out
  • ties and tethers – limited roaming, prevents flight from predators
  • electric fence – danger to children and pets, perceived as punishment
  • plastic mesh – chewing causes dangerous openings, temporary solution
  • welded wire – welds can break causing cuts and unwanted openings

Square Deal® Knots Secure the Wire Fence

Woven wire fence protects dogs from coyotes and other threats. Red Brand offers several options for safe enclosures, but one of the most popular is our 2″x4″ Non-Climb fence. This multi-purpose fence style provides an attractive, secure solution. It’s constructed by weaving steel wire into a grid pattern. Secured with individual Square Deal® Knots, the horizontal and vertical wires won’t move. This feature prevents unwanted flux in the spacing and creates a tight structure that won’t buckle, sag or move. In addition, the knots create a spring-like reaction when pressed. The fence will give into pressure and bounce back, rather than break. While the knots provide a rigid hold on the wires, they allow for flexibility on uneven terrain, making installation easier on hilly areas. Plus, the smooth side of the knot prevents cuts to skin and hides.

Tight Spacing Deters Coyotes and Other Predators

The small 2″ horizontal spacing of the wire mesh prevents pass-through from either side. This is especially important when protecting smaller breeds of canine that are determined to explore their outer surroundings. In addition, the paws of larger breeds will be too big to use the horizontal wires as a ladder to escape. On the other side of the fence, coyotes can squeeze through an opening as small as 3″ to 4″. Therefore, the two-inch spacing of Non-Climb is essential to prevent penetration. As much as they try, coyotes won’t be able to nudge their way through the secure knotted wire fence.

Quality Materials Matter

100% American made, Red Brand products are made with the highest quality steel available. Manufactured onsite at Liberty Steel & Wire in Peoria, Illinois, our products are monitored throughout the entire manufacturing process – from molten steel to finished fence roll, assuring the best fence in the industry. Non-Climb wire fence is constructed using sturdy 10 gauge top and bottom line wires and durable 12-1/2 gauge filler wire. The steel is galvanized with Class 3 zinc coating for extra long life. With proper installation and care, your fence should last 25 years or more.

Sharing is Possible With Woven Wire Dog Fencing

Recognizing the threat that wild animals can pose to your beloved dog is important. An effective barrier is essential, but there are other things you can do to help minimize the risk of a coyote attack. Reduce temptations by feeding your pet inside. Keep bird feeders away from the fenced area, and be sure to cover trash bins. Non-Climb fence provides an attractive, low maintenance solution for peace of mind. By building a reliable enclosure and taking a few simple steps, you can be reassured that your dog is safe outside. You’ll provide the security your dog deserves, while respecting the instinctive movement of nature’s wild creatures.

For more information on wire fencing for dogs, consult your local Red Brand dealer. You can also find details on dog fence styles and installation techniques on our website.

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