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Low Carbon or High Tensile Fencing?

by Judy Knowler

Until the late 1800’s, most fences were constructed from stone and wood. These fences required massive effort to build along with constant attention as weather or livestock caused damage. This led Peter Sommer to create a fence-weaving machine that allowed farmers to protect their land with lightweight, weather resilient, American made steel. Today’s farmers do not have to decide between stone or wood: today’s decision rests between low carbon or high tensile fence.

Fence Machine Replica

Replica of the first wire weaving machine

Low Carbon Fence

85% of agricultural fencing is made from low carbon steel. This type of fence takes its name from the amount of carbon found within it. The steel contains less carbon content, making it strong but very supple, with an elongation factor of 8-11%. The result is a fence that is easier to install, as the material is more malleable than high tensile fence. Combined with its cost-effective price, low carbon fence is a popular choice for many farmers.

High Tensile Fence

High tensile fence, named for it’s strength under tension, contains more carbon. This increased carbon content allows high tensile fence to be thinner and lighter than low carbon fence – but just as strong. It typically has an elongation factor of 1-3%. The lighter weight also allows for somewhat easier installation, although the decreased carbon density makes the fence tough to bend.

Low Carbon vs.High Tensile Wire

Low Carbon vs. High Tensile Wire. Both are 1,320 feet long.

Which is Right for You?

In the end, both materials carry the Red Brand name: strength, heritage, and quality are guaranteed, regardless of the type of steel. For a farm looking for an affordable, easy to install solution that will stand to weather and predators, low carbon fence could be the answer. For a long-term solution that will require less maintenance while remaining lightweight with high break strength, high tensile fence is a great option.

Talk to your Red Brand dealer today for more information on which material is best for your farm or shop online today.

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