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Fence Knots: Which One Is Best For Your Application?

by Joy Hong

A fence is only as strong as its weakest link, that’s why it’s important to know how to select the best fence knot for your application. While welded fences can be suitable for gardens and small animals, they simply aren’t tough enough for large animal corrals and containment. For that, you need a woven, or knotted, fence. All of Red Brand’s large animal fencing is made using heavy-gauge wire and knots for strength and durability.

Three Fence Knots for Red Brand Fences

At Red Brand, we manufacture fence using three unique knot styles. Knowing what advantages each offers will help you make a wise decision when purchasing fencing.

monarch fence knotMonarch Knot
The Monarch Knot functions like a hinge. When under pressure, it gives a little, so the fence doesn’t snap. When the pressure subsides, it springs back into shape.

squaredeal fence knotSquare Deal Knot
The Square Deal Knot hugs both vertical and horizontal wires tightly, so the fence will not sag or buckle. This knot allows flexibility on hilly terrain but will remain rigid and strong when facing pressure from animals in a corral.

crossLock fence knotCross Lock Knot
The Cross Lock Knot provides superior strength. This knot resists movement from severe weather, including the pressure from snow, as well as penetration from animals. This is our strongest knot type, wrapping around both wires and looping back to secure the connection.

Which Fence Knot is Right for Your Project?

The knot that’s right for you will depend on your needs. All three provide exceptional resistance to pressure, but if you expect strong push back from animals or tension from snow drifts, the Cross Lock Knot would be the best option. If you’re installing fence on hilly terrain, the flexibility of the Square Deal Knot works great. For standard uses where you need strength and durability, but not the other advantages, the Monarch Knot works well.

fence knot diagrams

For more information about Red Brand large animal fencing, visit RedBrand.com.

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