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Use Our Selection Chart When Choosing Ag Fence

by Joy Hong

Fencing styles are as diverse as the applications they serve. That’s why Red Brand offers a number of different fence products. From protecting property with Deer & Orchard fence, to keeping pets safe with Yard, Garden & Kennel fence, to corralling a herd of cattle with Field Fencing or Barbed Wire, our extensive variety makes it possible to find the right product for your specific need. If you’re unsure about which product is right for your project, Red Brand has a handy Ag Fence Selection Chart to help you choose.

What to Consider When Selecting Fence

The type of fence you’ll need is based on several factors. Red Brand offers a variety of gauges, spacing options and heights, so you will first need to determine what it is you are planning to protect. We have products designed for large herds, small animals, poultry and even gardens. You also need to consider how much animal pressure will be present. The higher the number of animals, the more stress the fence will likely incur. In addition, fences near barns and feeding areas will sustain more pressure than other regions.

So, what are you fencing in? Consider the following questions to help you determine the most important features your fence should have:

• What type of animals are you protecting?
• How many animals will be contained in the enclosure?
• Will your animals challenge or stress the fence, or simply respect the barrier?
• Are you keeping animals in, predators out, or both?
• Will the fence be in a low-pressure grazing pasture, or near a high traffic area like a feeding area or shelter?

How to Use the Fence Selection Chart

Our Fence Selection Chart makes it easy to determine the style of fence you need. Simply find the type of animal you want to protect and match it with the fence options on the left-hand side of the chart. We’ve taken into account factors like animal size and their habits, mesh spacing, and sturdiness in order to provide the best recommendations for safety and security. As a result, you’ll see a rating for each of our main fencing products based on the effectiveness (0 for least and 5 for most) for various animals.

Selection Chart

Download our Quick Reference Guide for your own copy of the Fence Selection Chart. Of course, for your specific application, you’ll need to select the proper height, wire gauge, galvanization and primary intent for your fencing. For specific information about each fence style, you can get details at our website. Once you’ve determined what you need, talk to your local Red Brand dealer to make your final selection.

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