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Keep Sheep & Goats Safe and Secure

by Joy Hong

With their compact size and mischievous habits, sheep and goats are difficult animals to keep safe. Red Brand offers Sheep & Goat Fence, designed for the specific needs of these animals. If you’re trying to contain a flock of sheep, goats or both, Red Brand has the solution you need.

Keeping Goats in Pasture with Safe Fencing

Goats have a natural tendency to leap or even climb over fencing. They can jump incredibly high, and their climbing abilities are astounding. If you give them even the slightest foothold, they will be able to escape. To prevent goats from fleeing, Red Brand designed Sheep & Goat Fence with rigid, 4-foot high, four-inch spaced knotted mesh to prevent climbing. The close spacing also protects goats from getting their heads caught, a common problem for these curious animals when faced with larger fence openings.

To further protect your goats, Red Brand Sheep & Goat Fence features a smooth knot with no cut wires on the inside of the fencing. Much more reliable and longer-lasting than welded wire, the Square Deal® knot prevents injuries to hides if the animals press against it. It also has a slight give, so goats ramming the fence won’t break through.

Protecting Vulnerable Sheep with Sturdy Sheep & Goat Fence

Where goats are mischievous and persistent, sheep are known to be easily startled and quite vulnerable to predators. Keeping sheep safely contained requires a fence that won’t give under pressure if they bolt, while also ensuring superior protection.

The rigid mesh of Red Brand Sheep and Goat Fence is tied with our Square Deal® Knot. Our unique design flexes on impact and won’t break when challenged. This means the fence is not prone to snapping under intense pressure when a flock of sheep are spooked. The smooth Knot won’t get tangled in wool or injure shorn sheep either.

The four-inch square mesh spacing is simply too small for most predators to penetrate the pasture. The flexible mesh simultaneously prevents larger visitors from breaking down the fence and causing chaos in the confinement.

Sheep Goat Spacing

Keeping sheep and goats safe isn’t easy, but with Red Brand, it’s a little easier. Talk to your Red Brand dealer about Red Brand Sheep & Goat Fence today! Follow us on Facebook or check out our website to learn more about Red Brand and our superior steel fence products.

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