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The Importance of Livestock Fencing for Pasture Management

by Judy Knowler

There are certain things that farmers need to run a successful ag operation. They need the proper equipment, like seed spreaders, composters, and ATVs. If they raise livestock, they need plenty of feed and a livestock trailer or two. And whether you keep horses, cows, or sheep on your property, you will always need a sturdy fence.

Fences are a common sight on farms today – so much so that they seem like part of the landscape. However, fences do much more than simply add to the scenery.

What exactly do fences do? They keep your animals safe, they make grazing more efficient, they help define property lines, and they protect your farm from devastating lawsuits. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons you need a livestock fence.

Enhances Safety

Fences serve two main purposes: they keep things in and they keep things out. While many livestock farmers might be worried about their animals wandering off (a valid concern), a fence actually protects them from predators and other creatures that might do them harm.

It’s also important to remember that today’s farms are often rubbing elbows with housing developments, roads, strip malls, and other modern structures. Fences keep your livestock from wandering away and risking injury or even death.

Simply put, fenced-in livestock is safer than their free-roaming cousins. Whether you’re next door to an active construction site, a busy highway, or a patch of rough terrain, your animals are better off staying on your side of the fence.

Increases Grazing Efficiency

It’s no surprise that feeding your livestock requires a lot of time, effort, and money. If you have any opportunity to make that job easier, you’d better take it. Fencing your property (and especially your pastures) is a great way to make grazing easier and more efficient.

When you put a fence around your pasture, you know exactly where your animals will be spending their days. This allows you to make sure they have access to food, water, and other resources they may need — and you don’t have to run all over your property to do it. A good fence gives your animals the freedom to graze as they please and gives you the freedom to focus on other tasks.

Marks Boundaries

As a farmer, your land is your livelihood. Whether you’re growing crops on the land or using it to feed your livestock, you need every square inch you own. Therefore, it’s important to make sure no one else encroaches on your land — not another farmer, and certainly not some developer.

Fences help avoid this problem by clearly marking your property border for the world to see. This ensures that your land and your livestock stay with you, so you can get the greatest use (and profit) from them.

However, it is important to remember that a boundary fence needs to be accurate if it’s going to be effective. Make sure you double-check your property line and consult with your county and local government for water mains or gas lines before putting up your fence. No one wants to pay the city or county for a fencing mishap.

Reduces Legal Liability

Finally, let’s discuss one fencing benefit that many farmers forget: your legal liability. The fact is that keeping animals can put you at risk for legal action. For example, if an animal roams off your property and damages another farmer’s property — or worse, causes a traffic accident — the affected people could sue you for the damage they sustained.

A fence can help prevent these problems by keeping your animals safely and comfortably on your property. This can help you avoid the hassle and stress of a lawsuit and help you stay on good terms with your neighbors and your local area.

It is clear that fencing is beneficial for you, your neighbors, and your animals. However, it’s important to remember that not all fences are created equal. If you want to keep your animals safely contained in their paddock, you need to have high-quality fencing — in other words, you need Red Brand.

We have been providing farmers, homesteaders, equestrians, and others with top-quality fencing for over 130 years. We offer a wide selection of wire fences, as well as fencing tools that can help you get the job done right.

Contact your Red Brand dealer or use our dealer locator for expert advice on Red Brand products that are right for your livestock and your property.

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